Key Features


XP/SP x500 / Adena x1 / Drop x1

Dualbox Allowed

All Services in ALT + B


All buffs are Lv 1 rest lvls you can learn by yourseld and sell them

Premium Accounts:

Daily Reward

Join the game and take your rewards everyday by typing .daily

Daily Tasks

You won't get bored anytime with our perfectly designed daily/weekly/monthly task

type .missions to take all tasks at once

What kind of tasks you can expect:

Dynamic Rewards: enchanted items,exp/sp,vip lvls etc

Other info about tasks:

There are some tasks which required specific level in order to complete task

There are some tasks where you need to deal required damage - so when you are in party all pt member need to deal required damage

Clan Bonus

Create unique Clan system - clan points

You need to have atleast clan level 5

And character need to be atleast lvl 40 in order to farm clan points

You need to kill specific Amount of monsters or raid bosses for each level

Max Levels: 10

commands .claninfo - to check current bonus level | progress

.clanrbinfo - to check current bonus level | progress

Rewards: item which is required for totems

skills - exp/sp | more dmg to rbs etc

Benefits - reseting every month

each monster give you vip points and you need to collect specific amount of points to make another Level.

Max Level:10


each level gives you more

Daily VIP Box


Take any skill you want

Rebirth System

Need to be 85 in order to reborn ---> goes to Lv 1

You can learn Special Skills with stats or bonuses

Start Cloak

gives you little bonus stats

Its possible to enchant Max Enchant:100 and each +10 increases Exp/Sp,gives you Pve Dmg


| | | |

Up to 200%

Special rune for spoil and sweep

Combined runes

Gamble - Added Unique system which gives you chance to win items

Contains 5 Packs

How to obain gamble points?


Enchant System | Bonuses

Each grade gives you Enchant Bonuses on specific levels.

Max Enchant

Announcement when player enchant Item on specific Level

Items after elegia will have dynamic enchant system for each type of item.

Example of Bonuses:

Custom Accessories

You can farm these item while you are exping which gives you power in higher zones








After creating character type ingame .missions and take all available tasks

First task kill 20 Gremlins - reward B-Start Box -- ALT+B --> Shop --> Start - and buy whatever you want

follow tasks or go your way but through task you will progress faster

Learn any skill you want ALT+B --> MULTIPROFFESSION

and then just farm forever

Sell buffs System

command: .sellbuffs --> you can choose from multiple prices

Farm System

B - Icarus can be bough in GM-Shop